Дешёвое проживание в центре Градца Кралове

Cheap accommodation at Hradec Kralove for everyone in the Town centre near the exit towards Prague. Accommodation at the quiet location with opportunity of outdoor sitting and grilling. It is possible to provide meals in nearby restaurant. Parking in closed area.

Direct connection by municipal bus line No. 3 (Annenske namesti). There are city line stop, several pubs, shops, hypermarket and NONSTOP gambling house nearby.

Предлагаем вам краткосрочное размещение туристов и туристических групп в центре Градца...

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Предлагаем размещение сотрудников строительных и монтажных организаций...

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Предлагаем вам аренду комнат для длительного проживания при одно- и двухместном размещении...

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Парковка на закрытом асфальтированном участке с большим количеством мест...

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Предлагаем вам аренду офисов в центре Градца Кралове у выезда в направлении Праги...

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Low Price

Cheap accommodation in 2 - 3 bedded rooms and 4 - 5 bedded rooms from 6 € per night in quiet location.

We care about cleanness

Bed linen is washed with biological certificate, rooms are cleaned by steam cleaner.

Safe Parking

Parking in closed area protected by CCTV.

Kitchen and Grill

You can use fully equipped kitchen and seasonal garden grill.